Students from the University of Granada film a documentary about UPWARDS

Nov 19, 2015
Mars is trendy and the UPWARDS project team is very happy about that!

Miguel Ángel López-Valverde is a researcher at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC) and the coordinator of UPWARDS 

Students from the University of Granada are filming a documentary about astrophysics where Mars and UPWARDS play an important role. This European project is becoming very interesting for the general public and we want to thanks Andrés Porcel, Darío Uruñuela and Jesús Rodríguez to chose this topic for their assignment.

Finding methane, studing the evolution of dust storms, analysing the subsurface and surface of Mars... The scientists working on UPWARDS have a real challenge: to solve the puzzle and build a global image of our closest neighbour in the Solar System. 



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UPWARDS - Understanding Planet Mars
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